What’s causing our basement to leak?

There are numerous reasons that your crawl space or basement may be showing signs of water infiltration. Depending on the problem, some may require professional help but some can be resolved by the homeowner. So, how do you tell the difference for your Charlotte, NC home?

Some of the most common factors responsible for problems are…

1. Broken or dislodged water discharge lines cause the water to leak out and accumulate wherever they are compromised. For instance, if a rain gutter downspout is leaking before it even gets to the gutter leading into the ground, it’s going to get worse. If you can’t repair it yourself, have a roofing professional consult with you for what should be an easy fix. Check your gutters and downspouts regularly during a heavy rain event. That should indicate where the exterior problems are.

2. The exterior footing drain has failed. Most homes were constructed with an exterior drain that runs the perimeter of the foundation. Those systems always fail over time. Some even go bad a few months after a home is built. Sand, clay, and good old fashioned mud easily leech into that pipe and once it’s blocked in one spot, the rest of the lines can’t remove the water. These outside the foundation methods don’t work over time and are why 90% of companies today are doing internal drain waterproofing.

3. Plumbing issues can mask themselves as foundation water problems. Tell tale signs a leaky basement are water seeping at the top of the wall instead of at the typical footing wall joint inside.

4. Mulch beds around the outside of the home can be raised higher than the inside sill plate. If the mulch or soil above is too high, the water may find its way over the top of the inside basement wall. The water on the wall may be the color of the dyed mulch outside. If this is your issue, reduce the mulch a few inches below the frost line.

5. Improper grading can cause water to channel toward the foundation. This is especially true in hilly region. Adding dense soil to the perimeter can lessen the amount of water that is making its way in. It’s a good first step in seeing what you have.

6. There is always the possibility that there is a spring at or near the foundation. It’s actually uncommon to experience water this way. One indication of a natural spring leak is that it’s coming in 24/7, even when it hasn’t rained for days.
One of the great things about us is that we will explain what we find and we’ll let you decide what you want to do. There’s no hard sell, and we don’t use scare tactics with our clients. If we find something that you can fix, we we’ll tell you!

Why should customers choose Intellivent for real estate transactions?

Selling or buying a home can be very stressful. Having the right company to assist with your homes major problems will allow you to proceed with confidence.
There are several reasons that customers and Realtors should choose INTELLIVENT to perform needed work prior to or after closing on the property.

1. Our Experience: We’ve been fixing foundations, crawl space and basement problems for years and we’ve seen just about everything that can happen to a property.

2. Focus on Service: We focus on service and our testimonials show that we will do it right and will be there for years to come if there are any problems.

3. We can Help Prove Quality Work: If our foundation repair or waterproofing work is done before the home goes on the market, the proposal can be left out to show potential buyers that the area most respected company in the industry did the work. It evidences the cost upfront and lets buyers know that you choose quality over price.

4. We do it RIGHT: We do a lot of real estate and we check to make sure that the proper permits and utility checks are done prior to the installation.

How do I know if I need to have my crawlspace or basement waterproofed?

If you have notices wall cracks that are continuing to get larger or wall that are starting to bow you should seek out a professional to advice. You may also notice that your windows and doors in your house are getting harder to shut all the way or open all the way. Call us if you notice seepage on the floors or a cracked floor that continues to enlarge . If your house is starting to lean to one side that is another warning that your home is in need of stabilization.

We have a full list of common problems to help you know when you need help:

  • Structural Problems
  • Water Problems
Don’t forget that INTELLIVENT also offers free inspections, so that if you even suspect a problem, we can let you know for sure if you do. We can also find out your budget, and find a repair solution that is right for you. If you are in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area we are here to help!