Is Moisture in Your Basement Causing Foundation Problems?

Is Moisture in Your Basement Causing Foundation Problems?

Find basement waterproofing services in Mooresville, NC and the Charlotte area

That musty smell in your basement could mean you have a moisture control issue. Left untreated, water in your basement can lead to foundation problems. Once structural damage to your foundation occurs, you’ll need to perform major repairs to keep your home safe.

Intellivent offers basement waterproofing services to clients in Mooresville and Charlotte, NC. Stop foundation problems before they start by scheduling an appointment to waterproof your basement today.

See how crawl space waterproofing protects your foundation

A crawl space can protect your home from flood damage, but it can also trap moisture close to your home’s foundation. If your crawl space is accessible, inspect it for signs of potential water damage, such as:

  • Mildew
  • Standing water
  • Musty odors
Protect your home’s foundation by keeping moisture at bay. Call our office in Mooresville, NC today to schedule your crawl space waterproofing appointment in the Charlotte area.