Do You Need Professional Mold Removal?

Do You Need Professional Mold Removal?

See how Intellivent keeps residents of Mooresville, NC and the Charlotte area mold-free

Wiping away visible mold or mildew doesn’t eliminate it, it just makes it harder to see. Mold exists as a fungus on walls and other surfaces and as spores in the air. To fully remove mold, you must fix the source of the problem and purify your home’s air.

Intellivent offers mold removal services in Mooresville, NC and the surrounding Charlotte area. Visit our waterproofing pages to learn how we can prevent mold from coming back.

Start the mold remediation process today

Our ventilation technicians are certified to perform mold remediation in Mooresville and Charlotte, NC. To remove mold from your home or office, we will:

  • Contain mold to the affected rooms.
  • Apply strong anti-fungal agents to surfaces and items.
  • Filter your home’s air to remove mold spores.
Don’t breathe contaminated air for another day. Call 704-701-3710 now to schedule your mold remediation appointment.