Featured Client

Well, we had to wait until Winter to see if the indoor humidity problem in my master suite area was fixed. After three years of dealing with massive condensation pouring off my windows when the outside temps dropped, (so much that they had to be squeegee’d every morning like a shower), I can report the Atmox system has totally resolved the issue. Zip, zero excess humidity and no water condensation problem remaining in the master bath or master bedroom. Holy cow, I can actually close the master bedroom drapes to preserve interior heat at night without having to worry about water. In the Winter, I literally had tied them back and out from the window to keep them from the pouring water coming off the window. With those stone floors, it overall made for an igloo-like room. OMG! What a case study on how moisture under the house affects the interior humidity. You really should pass this along to the Atmox people as this was truly a horrendous problem that had “stumped” everyone that looked at it including the HVAC installers/equipment manufacturers. No one could figure out why I had this excessive humidity problem IN THE WINTER rather than in the Summer. While everyone else was running humidifiers, I was running a dehumidifier AND a space heater to mitigate the problem. In any case, this was the final test to the system you installed and it passed with an A+. Billy, I am beyond thrilled that my final house problem is resolved. Wow, now I can truly love the house I purchased. Thank you, Thank you again!!-- Ann